Low Cost Web Hosting & Its Impact in India

Web hosting is a service that Web hosting is a service that authorize organizations as well as individuals to post a website or web page on to the Internet. A webhost mainly offers the technologies and services required for the website/page to be seen on the Internet. Servers are special computers that host the web sites. organizations as well as individuals to display a website or web page on to the Internet. A webhost mainly approach the technologies and services required for the website/page to be seen on the Internet. Servers are special computers that host the web sites.

Foremost Features of a Web Hosting Plan


Bandwidth & Data Transfer

Bandwidth refers to the volume of data that can be transmitted at one time while data transfer is the actual amount of data transfer. Hence, lesser the bandwidth, the slower it will take the website to load and also lesser the data transfer, the more often the website will be unavailable.

disk usage

Disk Space

Almost all web hosting sites provide some amount of disk space that people can use to store their web files, emails and databases. There should be a certain estimate about how much space they need.


Email Accounts

This is a common characteristic of web hosting particularly if a domain is being hosted. POP3, forwarding and aliases are the three basic types of email accounts.


FTP Access

FTP is used to transfer the files to the server after they are created. It mainly is a protocol that helps to download web files from the server to the computer.

Main Sort of Web Hosting

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • Cloud-based Web Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Server Hosting
  • Colocation Web Hosting
  • Self-service Web Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
web hosting types

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting consists of the best elements of shared hosting and dedicated hosting services.  Even though the websites are hosted on the same computer, VPS lets each website to be totally independent like each was on its own separate machine. At times more web hosting power is needed.  VPS or virtual private server hosting, can be the best suited service for a business if they are looking to take their business online and want to put up their website on a server that offers more power and flexibility than shared hosting, but at the same cost of dedicated hosting.

There are mainly two types of VPS hosting that are based on the type of operating system they run on

Linux hosting depends on an open source operating system that provides free software available to everyone as well as to permit them to utilize, alter, improve and redistribute versions simply. Linux VPS is more reliable. Linux VPS provides 100% uptime guarantee. Linux has a popular tech support as it utilizes high technologies like LAMP (Linux- Apache- MySQL- PHP) while on the contrary; Being an open source type OS, Linux is affordable at all times. Linux is compatible in working with other open source programming languages as well as open source applications

Windows hosting is based on Windows operating system developed by Microsoft. Windows VPS is less reliable. Windows VPS cannot give 100% uptime. Windows tech support has .Net technologies like ASP.NET, VB.NET and others. Being an open source type OS, Linux is affordable at all times. Windows, being a commercial system. Windows isn’t stronger as Linux when working with open source programming languages.

Low Cost VPS Hosting in India

Virtual private servers (VPS) have gained popularity amongst the small and medium businesses in India over the past few years. It is expected to continue growing in popularity with many of startups also willing to take off their business with VPS hosting.  Virtual servers offer the high qualities of a dedicated server while keeping the costs low.  There are many providers offering best VPS hosting in India making them affordable to even the budget controlled small businesses and startups.

Web hosting has been revolving around the two alternatives of a shared platform or the dedicated server platform. The dedicated server has a single component making use of the entire server and its resources for their business requirements and it is the most costly form of hosting. In shared hosting there are a large number of websites sharing the resources of a single huge physical server and although, being the least expensive form of hosting, it has many limits. The hosts offering cheap VPS hosting in India, plans have come up with packages that link the gap among the other two hosting platforms.  In VPS hosting a large physical server is virtually split into number of servers and each of the servers comes with independent resources. It is far more affordable than a dedicated platform and offers many more features than what shared hosting provide.

Price Element

VPS hosting is becoming gradually affordable as there has been a remarkable increase in the hosting services industry sector. The cut throat struggle among the various providers is benefitting the consumers as they are able to enjoy high facilities with the cheap VPS hosting in India plans and packages. Startups find these plans lucrative as it gives them a secured and private environment at a low cost.

The cheap VPS hosting in India, plans are available in both Linux and Windows. Linux being a free and open source platform is favored by many bloggers and startups. Windows is owned by Microsoft and all its products come with a license fee and this makes it more feasible and affordable. Though the operating system is not much of a consideration, Windows OS is mandatory for websites using technologies like ASP, .NET and MSSQL databases while Linux OS is preferable for sites using the PHP, Perl, Python and MySQL database.

Normally, hosts have many reseller plans which a VPS client can join. With reseller plans the clients are allowed to sell the unused resources to new users and the parent host does not get in the way. The host offers the plans at a very affordable price which the client resells at a marked up price and makes a very good income. This in a way contributes to cheap VPS hosting in India. There are more advantages with VPS hosting. It gives the customers complete control and root access to the server allowing them to customize with any software that may be required for a better performance of the website. The customers are given a dedicated IP address that gives them privacy and security from unwanted intruders.

VPS hosting in India solutions will allow small and medium sized businesses in India to enjoy the advantages of dedicated hosting at far lower costs. This is because VPS hosting works like a middle ground between shared hosting plans and dedicated hosting plans. Users are provided with root access to the server; they can tweak its settings to suit their interests. Users can run any version of an operating system, Linux or Windows. So, those businesses which want economical hosting plans should get Windows VPS hosting in India.

Nevertheless, prior to signing up for any kind of web hosting plan, it is important to review their Service Level Agreement for uptime guarantees and their pricing structure and it should be ensured that there are no hidden charges. Unless the technical support teams are able to provide 24X7 Assistance opting for any VPS solution may be risky.